Thursday, January 20, 2005


Lethal Dose – 50 Percent. The FDA requires an LD-50 test as part of the drug approval process. The drug seeking approval is administered to a number of animals (usually rats or mice) in increasing doses until 50 percent die. All drugs are considered poisons, and that is why they are regulated by the government.

Many people consider themselves healthy even though they are taking some type of medication. A healthy body does not require medication. Though pharmaceutical companies like to make claims that their products heal the body, they in fact do not. Drugs suppress the symptoms of a disease so that the body can heal. Only the body is capable of healing itself.

Whatever made the body unhealthy in the first place, thus requiring medication to suppress symptoms, has to be changed in order that health can be restored. If no changes are made then medication will always be needed.

To be healthy requires exercise (physical and mental), water, proper nutrition, and a non-toxic environment.


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