Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How to pick an anti-oxidant

OK – I’ve studied antioxidants for years now and there are some things that I want to let people know. Keep in mind that free radicals, which damage your body, bombard each of your cells somewhere around 10,000 times a day. This means that you need an anti-oxidant in your body that works all day long. Most antioxidants out there work for a few hours and then they are all used up. Find a time-released anti-oxidant.

Second thing. More is not better. Just because you read somewhere that Selenium is a great antioxidant, and green tea, and blueberries, and this and that doesn’t mean that the best anti-oxidant includes all anti-oxidants. Quite the contrary. All the studies that you have read are about how that “one” anti-oxidant works. How it works when in the presence of another anti-oxidant is quite different! There are actually equations for optimizing anti-oxidant formulas so that they work together synergistically.

Oh, one more thing. Most antioxidants that you buy in a grocery store or health store are nearly worthless. The problem is that anti-oxidants react with oxygen, and the manufacturing process leaves most anti-oxidants exposed to the air (think about a sliced apple). There have been studies that measured the anti-oxidant potential of nearly all of the products on the market and 90% of them were so bad that they did nothing for you, and a few were even worse and caused free-radical damage themselves!


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